Standard Process: Feline Whole Body Support


This supplement is made up of whole food ingredients, organ,  tissue extracts, and botanicals, etc.



Screenshot 2017-05-14 at 6.51.53 PMWhen used, this supplement can fill any nutritional gaps in the diet while providing some extra support to the body as a whole. This supplement can be safely used in ferrets to give extra support to the body when it is most needed. Ideal for ferrets fed exclusively a diet of kibble, but can also be quite beneficial for raw-fed ferrets.  It is a great addition if your ferret is currently taking medications which may suppress the immune system in some form, such as Prednisolone.

The product as mentioned on the official website, Provides general multisystem support for daily maintenance of all body systems with emphasis on a healthy endocrine system.

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The ferret can receive the same amount as directed for cats. 1 Tablet/ Twice Daily, unless otherwise specified by your Veterinarian.

The best part about these tablets is that they can be administered in a few different ways. This not only makes it easier for us ferret owners to give the supplement, but makes it easier and less stressful for the ferret. If the ferret is already taking medication, they may already know the stress from med time!

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The tablet can be given as a whole. It has a very nice odour to it, kind of similar to that of a cat treat so the ferret may be willing to simply eat it as is.

In the chance that this does not work for your ferret, you can crush the tablet into a dust form and mix it into the food, or mix in some water and give by oral syringe.

I personally use a bit of egg yolk and mix the powder in. I found this worked well as my ferret was already used to the yolk. So mixing into a ferret appropriate treat is also an option.

I will provide some images below for an example on how I made my egg yolk mixture.



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