Rules For TNF


The following rules apply to our group.

The Natural Ferret is a Ferret Health & Nutrition Website / Group that aims to encourage a more natural approach to ferret ownership through Nutrition, Lifestyle, and even Holistic Approaches for Ferrets!

・FREE Nutritional Advice,
・FREE Ferret Nutrition Classes,
・EXPERIENCED Coaches & Admin,
・THOROUGHLY Researched Articles,
・And More!

***CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS (eg. EOs, CBD, Turmeric, Various Holistic Treatments) CAN AND WILL LIKELY BE DISCUSSED WITHIN OUR GROUP. If you disagree with something posted, Please keep your personal opinions on said subjects to yourself. If you cannot do that, then this is not the group for you.***

TNF Admins:
– Morgan Brown
– Machan Amari
– Marie Theresa

TNF Moderators:
– Ashley Stone


NOTE: Any advice given for medical needs should never replace a qualified veterinarian. You are more than welcome to ask questions and to get ideas. When in doubt always vet! We can only give you an opinion based on what we have gone through. Please vet if you are told too.


• This group promotes a raw species appropriate diet. That includes pictures of raw feeding and videos. We promote Frankenprey, whole prey, and live feeding. There will be no warnings about these pictures or videos.

**Since this is an open group to ferret owners all over the world, live feeding may not be legal for everyone but that does not mean you should shame/judge someone who does live feeding legally in their own country/state which allows it. It is your responsibility to also check your local laws before attempting live prey.**

• While this is a more natural approach group, we do allow kibble discussions. We know that not everyone can feed their ferret a raw diet and are here to educate all owners willing to listen.

♤ While we know that people get into situations and that is fine. If you have a GoFundMe or other fund raising post, please pm an admin to be approved, otherwise the posts will not be approved to our group.♤ If you have your own store and are selling ferret things

please contact an admin to be approved on our approved list, otherwise the posts will not be approved to our group.

♢ Any rude, nonconstructive comments will be deleted without further notice.
♢ Being abusive or rude to admin or other members will earn you a warning or at the discretion of our admin, potentially being banned from our group.
♢ Complaining of any videos/pictures you do not like will earn you a warning and if it continues potentially being banned from our group.
♢Please refrain from taking imagery or posts that are not your own from our group and posting it within other groups without first seeking approval from copyright owner. This means, please avoid multi-posting to other groups if the content is NOT originally your own. Do not screenshot, and post in other groups, especially if it contains any of our members visible names, images, post contents. If we find out this has been occurring, you may potentially be removed from our group.
♢ We don’t allow drama… Any intentional drama could earn you a warning, removal from our group or even the ban hammer as well.
♢ We are not a rehoming group, please no posts rehoming your ferrets. Please see our files section for a list of appropriate groups or pages for rehoming.
♢ Please refrain from referring members to other groups, unless the groups are mentioned in our referral file.
♢ Please do not take our files or post them elsewhere without prior consent from our admins or authors. If we find that our files have been used without consent, any/all people involved will be instantly banned from our group. We work very hard to release information for our files. Endless hours of thorough research among our busy schedules just to help ferret owners as best as we can. If you would like to share it with another, please refer them to our group. 

Admin reserve the right to issue warning, remove or ban members from TNF. If you believe you were unfairly removed/banned, you can refute this with an admin.

Warnings: Admins reserve the right to issue warnings within the group if a member was to go against the rules of our group. Warnings should not be taken lightly.

Removal & Banning from TNF: If you go against our rules or ignore any issued warnings, you may be removed or potentially banned from our group at the sole discretion of the Admin of TNF.

Refuting Removal/Ban: If you can prove that you will not go against our rules and will not be a nuisance to the group, then you have the option of refuting the removal or banning. In order for an admin to come to the decision of allowing you re-entry to our group, you will need to prove to us why you should be allowed back in. If an admin makes the decision of allowing the re-entry, you will be on a trial period of 28 days. Within those 28 days, we will monitor your participation within our group. If you do not participate now and then, or proceed to cause issues, we will remove and potentially re-ban you. If you are banned a second time, there is never a third option for re-entry to our group.