This is our Referral and Recommended Group List. Since our group may not cover every topic (as much as we would like to) we have requested some referrals for various groups to help ferret owners all over the world to find the right place to post more efficiently. Our group is International, so make sure you find the group below that is for your country or covers your country if you need to do selling/rehoming/boarding request posts. Please note that not all groups below will have the same or similar rules as we do, Please do check them out, their rules and/or ask one of their admin for more help.

  • Ferret Owners Australia❤️🐾
    Child friendly Australian ferret group. Great place to share beautiful ferret photos, sharing interesting articles, facts. Has weekly comps and selling / rehoming ferrets posts are welcome.

  • Ferrets Galore
    A very nice and friendly ferret community. International group. Accepting of species appropriate diets. They have a weekly banner competition and are quite active.
  • 💠 Ferret Frenzies 💠
    A very friendly ferret group that is welcoming of all kinds of ferret owners. This group provides accurate, appropriate and reputable information on various ferret topics. Ferret Frenzies does games, giveaways and raffles.

  • Freesels
    This group is a great resource for ideas, support and guidance when it comes to creating a safe and enriching environment for ferrets. If you feel you need some ideas, or guidance to improve ferret proofing, or with providing enrichment, then this is the group for you.

    For Rescue & Rehoming, Click Here.