Stress In Ferrets

Did you know that even our lovely ferrets can experience stress just like we do? Stress— even though fairly common, is a real problem as it can compromise immunity and contribute to ill-health in ferrets. Learn what Stress is and how you can drastically reduce it for a happier, healthier ferret with #TheNaturalFerret !

Intro to First-Aid

Having the skills and knowing the techniques involved with First-Aid care can mean the difference between life and death, temporary and permanent disability, rapid recovery and long term recuperation of the ferret and so on. This care can be life saving and every pet owner, not just ferret owners, should learn and understand at least the very basic first aid care measures in case of future emergencies.


Ferret Name: Murphy Birthdate: 4th November 2015 Gender: Male Coat Colour: cinnamon/sable Quirks: He LOVES playing with my German Shepard Favourite Toys: Balls Favourite Foods: Rabbit Back Story: Mr Murphy was left at my front gate with his mummy and his 10 brothers and sisters. On the 5th of November 2015 my dog was going absolutely…


Ferret Name: Nipple Birthdate: Sept 12, 2012 Gender: Female Coat Colour: Sable Eye Colour: Black   Quirks: She’s a loner, an alpha, sticks to my side and sleeps in my bed by my legs. She also scratches and bites my feet!   Favourite Toys: My feet! Favourite Foods: Her wysong and orijen kibble and pickle juice….


Ferret Name: Samus Birthdate: April 2nd 2011 Gender: Female Coat Colour: Sable Mask Eye Colour: brown/green Quirks: She loves chewing on Velcro. She is also a Runt. Favourite Toys: Her bed lol. Favourite Foods: Duck sticks.   Back Story: I met her when I first came over to my boyfriends house, he had her for…

Paddy & Murphy

  Ferret(s) Name: Paddy & Murphy Birthdate: 18th April 2011 Gender: Male, Brothers Coat Colour: Polecat Eye Colour: Black   Quirks: Murphy: Slept with his tongue stickling out, and snored Paddy: Would steal my underwear from the clotheshorse. Favourite Toys: Both were obsessed with plastic carrier bags, crisp packets and sponges. Favourite Foods: Murphy loved…

Heart Ferrets

Welcome to our wonderful Heart Ferret section! Here you will find many Real Life Stories about ferrets who have greatly impacted their human’s lives. Each and every one of these ferrets are incredibly unique, all have their own quirks, likes and dislikes. You can read about these ferrets and learn about how every single one…

HomeoPet For Ferrets

HomeoPet is a US based company that provides natural and homeopathic remedies for pets. The products were designed by Vets in the USA for use in ALL animals. The company itself was established in 1994 to meet the increasing demand for alternative “chemical free” treatments for common conditions, while not life-threatening, cause suffering in animals.


A carbohydrate is a molecule consisting of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It’s considered a macronutrient and is one of three ways a body can get energy, followed by Protein and Fats.

Breeding Wholeprey

When you consider breeding animals for wholeprey, you need to be 100% committed to those animals. You’re taking lives into your care, you’re responsible for their health, well-being, enrichment and so on. You may need to cull animals for various reasons (sickness, runts, cutting litters down to bearable sizes for the females, culling out the…

Dispatching Prey

Importance of knowing how to humanely dispatch prey animals. If the ferret owner does not know how to dispatch the animal in chances that the ferret does a dodgy kill then the [live] prey animal may be put under unnecessary suffering. As the one in charge, you must be knowledgeable in dispatching animals and must…

No Go’s For Live Prey

These should never be used for live prey. Rats, Squirrels, larger prey items in general. Guinea pigs maybe, but mainly due to their tough necks making it more difficult for ferrets to swiftly dispatch. They make great frozen thawed or freshly dispatched foods though providing they are from reputable sources and/or have been frozen to…