Health is the state of being free from illness or injury.

As a ferret owner on The Natural Ferret, you’re probably wondering “well, why would it matter if I know or don’t know what health is?” It is incredibly important! Knowing what is health, will help you to make sure that your ferret stays healthy and lives a long “Healthy” life, preferably and hopefully free from illness, injury or disease.

Disease is a disorder or malfunction of the mind or body, which destroys good health.

In order to have good health you need to address the disease, and take precautionary measures. Many holistic approaches, such as homeopathy, treat “disease” by treating the body as a whole. In order to address disease, you need to address the entire being. Heal the entire being and then completely cure, remove or manage the disease.

Good nutrition, the building blocks to life will help you to ensure the ferret remains healthy. A healthy animal can fend off illness more efficiently than an immune compromised animal, so nutrition is the very first and most obvious step to take as a precautionary measure for good health.

There are seven main categories to what may cause ill-health:
1. Physical,
2. Chemical,
3. Biological / Pathogens,
4. Nutritional,
5. Metabolic,
6. Inherited,
7. Allergic.

Here are some examples of what may cause ill-health in ferrets.
• harmful organisms
• the environment
• physical damage
• nutritional factors
• metabolic disorders
• stress
• chemicals
• inherited problems
• allergies

Now that you understand what could contribute or cause ill-health, you can take steps to prevent ill-health from occurring.