Haru: Essential Oil and Supplements

HARU1Haru is a young female sable ferret (Approx 2 years old), Fed a complete and balanced home made raw diet with wholeprey since she was a kit. This little girl has cataracts which forms before she was barely even 1 year of age. She is somewhat dainty and is definitely my heart ferret. Originally from a Back Yard Breeder, she came home with me, and another ferret called Yuuki.

Haru had so much improvement when I switched her to a balanced raw diet. She originally had on and off issues with her muscles but after much stress and patience, her little body began to fill out as it should. I was very ecstatic, not only was she visibly healthier, but she seemed emotionally and mentally healthier too.

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This year, Haru was having some issues with her coat. Her tail was losing some hair, likely due to shedding. However not only that, her physical appearance was a bit dull and her energy went down a bit more than I thought it would. The seasons changed so I was expecting some change in behaviour, but not to this extent.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 at 4.22.50 PMI started Haru on CritterBoost from animalEO back in April. She was getting 1-2 drops when I started, approx every three days using a petting technique.  CritterBoost is an RTU blend of Essential Oils. This means it is Ready To Use. Already pre-diluted so I did not need to worry about safe dilution rates for my animals.
For more information on the benefits of CritterBoost, I recommend you read this.


A couple of weeks ago, I randomly tested her as part of practice for my studies. I then found out that Haru had a BG reading was 46 mg/dL (2.6 mmol/L.) I eventually increased the CritterBoost to approx 3-4 drops and within 3 days, I saw some improvement, she had a reading of 58 mg/dL (3.2 mmol/L.) I again decided to increase drops to 5-6 and within 3 days, she had another great result of 70 mg/dL (3.9 mmol/L.)

I then ordered in some SugarBalance, and Standard Process Feline Whole Body Support.
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To learn more about SugarBalance, Read this.

I have started using just the SugarBalance, 1-2 drops once this week, using petting technique. So far she has only had one application of the SugarBalance, along with 1 tablet of the Supplement once daily, crushed into her food. She now currently has a BG reading of 106 mg/dL (5.9 mmol/L.)

I’m incredibly impressed and super ecstatic that Haru has been improving. At this stage, she will NOT be placed on Pred! Go Haru!



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