Frankenprey Raw Diet

Many ferret owners who are interested in doing a homemade raw diet will hear the term “Frankenprey”

But what is it really?

“Frankenprey” is the slang word for a Prey Model Diet (PMD) and is essentially a diet consisting of various raw animal items such as raw meaty bones, muscle and organ. This style of raw feeding is designed to imitate the wholeprey diet model (eg. feeding whole animals) with the ease, cost efficiency and convenience of sourcing these items locally, etc.

Ideal ratios to follow as a guide for feeding a Frankenprey diet for ferrets would be:
Muscle Meat (Inc. 15% Heart),
20% Raw Edible Bone,
5% Liver,
5% Other Organ.

Ferrets are designed to eat whole, small prey animals including: small to medium-sized mammals (Mice, Rats, Guinea Pig, etc), birds, eggs, frogs, crustaceans, fish, worms, and insects. However, not all can afford to feed a long term wholeprey diet, or maybe it’s not available to them locally and so a Frankenprey Diet would be the ideal alternative to ensure the ferret consumes a natural diet as close as one can get to a wholeprey diet model.



Raw Meaty Bones (RMB):

Any meat including bone. Eg. Any small, adult bird: pheasant, partridge, etc. Wings, Necks, Frames. Chicken, Quail, Rabbit, Turkey, Duck, Frog.

Muscle Meat (M):

Any boneless meat (which is not considered organ), eg beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey.

Liver (L):

Livers (may be under culinary names like Fry.) Any available protein is fine.

Other Organ (O):

You want secreting Organs, Liver, kidney, thymus, pancreas, reproductive organs.

Heart (H):

Heart is fed as a muscle meat. At least one meal of hearts should be fed per week as it is the Taurine source for ferrets.



Designing a Menu

When designing your own diet menu for your ferret, it can be altered and changed according to yours or your ferret’s needs. However try to keep the ratios mentioned above the same, or give or take here and there as long as you strive for a balanced menu.

Ideally you want to aim for 7-9 meals of bone in meats, 2-4 meals of muscle and around 2 meals of organs and 1-2 meals of hearts approx.


Variety of Proteins

For optimal health we recommend you aim for a minimum of 3 proteins (prey species type) in the diet. Try and aim for 2 or more types of proteins for bone in meats (eg. Duck and Turkey), a protein or two for muscle (eg. Beef, Lamb, Preferably you should have at least one red meat within the diet as white meats are common for bone in meats), any protein is fine for heart and organs.

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