This application is for Nutrition Class through The Natural Ferret Facebook Group. This class is a private group that is a one on one FREE coaching service.

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Once approved, Please give us an update on each ferret periodically. Please remember to Include ferret name, weight, activity levels, stool colour/consistency and overall diet with an average amount eaten. If you forget, don’t worry, We’ll remind you by asking occasionally. 😛

To help us get a better visual, please include images of the ferret(s). Preferably an image of the ferret being held up so we can see overall body shape and one birds eye of the ferret without human restraint. This will all be discussed upon entry to the Nutrition Class so don’t worry for the time being.

We recommend having a journal, and scales available for monitoring during the process.

By completing this application, you agree to our disclaimer in full.

Please Note: As there is very limited slots available, there may be a waiting list.
If you urgently need assistance, please contact an admin immediately.