Welcome to our website / blog.

The Natural Ferret is a Ferret group that aims to encourage a more natural approach to ferret ownership. That includes healthier nutrition, healthier lifestyle, healthier training methods, healthier everything for your floof.

The Natural Ferret, formally known as The Natural Floof, was co-created by Morgan & Machan. Originally starting as a group, it also now has this blog/website, and a facebook page which is used to help share new and exciting information on ferrets.

We hope to spread the best and most accurate information as we can on ferrets, from an unbiased standpoint. We are welcoming to all kinds of ferret owners who wish to learn and better their ferret care. Regardless of if you feed kibble, commercial pet food or raw home made diets. Regardless of if you are a simple new ferret pet owner, or an experienced long term breeder. Everyone is welcome to join, and follow The Natural Ferret without judgement and without exclusion providing that they are accepting of others opinions and views.

We believe that there are many natural and holistic methods of looking after ferrets and/or treatments. There is so much misinformation or inconsistent information when it comes to ferrets and ferret safety with certain holistic treatments or care. We want the best for our ferrets and hope that with all our incredibly researched information that we can share it with others so that they can learn and decide for the best when it comes to their ferrets.

Please have a look around and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to ask a question or if you have a concern. We are happy to help anyone with what ever they need and are very open to criticism or personal opinions.
Thank you for visiting The Natural Ferret!

TNF Admin Team