About The Natural Ferret


Thank you for taking an interest in The Natural Ferret.
The Natural Ferret started as a facebook group and later we created a website to store all our articles we aspire to research and write about.

Co-created between two ferret lovers who wish to encourage a more natural approach to ferret ownership.

We believe that ferret owners could and very well should incorporate natural things into their ferrets life in some form so that they can benefit and thrive from it. Starting from the most obvious topic, healthier nutrition. Regardless of if you wish to feed raw meats or find a better commercial petfood, we want to help you where ever and however we can. We saw so much judgement online when it comes to raw feeders and/or kibble feeders and we thought that it was not right. There is so much judgement and close minded opinions on various topics which we consider essential for people to discuss, but everywhere else they would be shut down, shut out, shunned for even speaking of them.

TNF was born, from both our hopes to create a safe and friendly environment. Where people can discuss general ferret care to even controversial subjects like Safe use of Essential Oils for ferrets or even CBD oil, without being hated upon or thrown to the mud because others do not understand said subjects or never bothered to do their research to try to understand.

We encourage many things and hope that many people who have similar interested will join our community and make a difference in the world of ferret ownership.

Here is some things that we encourage in our group and fully support:


Healthier lifestyles, ferret proofing, ferret health and safety, all these topics are our priority and we will do our best to educate even the newest of ferret owners.

Healthier training methods. Patience, trust and persistence is the key, let’s avoid all physical and harmful training methods for a happier ferret and a closer bond between ferret and human.

Controversial subjects ,which many may frown upon in other groups, is something we encourage our members to openly discuss. There is far more to them and we simply believe people have every right to discuss in a nonjudgmental environment. There are many holistic treatments that can and do work, maybe not for all, but for some. We shouldn’t throw considerations away just because of lack of studies or lack of information.

If you’ve been searching for a group like this and are open to learning, are friendly, love ferrets and want to help educate others on whatever ferret related topic, then,

We welcome you with open arms to a ferret community like no other, The Natural Ferret.