REVIEW: Scrunch & Sticks Ink Free Recycled Paper Cat Litter

Screenshot 2018-01-06 at 8.41.08 PM
Scrunch & Sticks is a recycled paper pellet type litter sold within Australia by online pet supply company PetCircle. It is very similar to the popular litter brand, Breeders Choice, and could supposedly work as an alternative or even alongside another paper pellet type litter.  It is fairly cheap, going at approx $18.95 for 30L.

On first inspection, it feels lightweight and not as bulky as most other pelleted litters. It is claimed to be dust free, however from my experience, there is some dust- not very much so in the end it shouldn’t be an issue honestly. It would be from the manufacturing process I suppose and is by far, better than any other form of litter, dust wise. There is a slight natural odour to it, but it’s not over powering. Since we’re talking recycled paper, the slight dust and odour could potentially vary from bag to bag.

Ferrets are relatively close to the ground as they have short little legs and a highly sensitive nose. At first, ferrets were very interested in it. Amy, my littlest girl, was very intrigued by the new litter to the point she was scuffling backwards in a very odd but fascinating manner and sticking her head in it. Beavis, one of my boys, took a really good liking to this new litter and decided it was perfect for napping in. Yes, He decided to settle down for the night and slept in the litter box. The following day was quite hot and I guess where I found him? You guessed it, in the litter box. Comfortable? Apparently so. I received a few sneezes but that was due to sticking faces in it, other than that, the slight dustiness from this litter was not an issue for the ferrets.

Screenshot 2018-01-06 at 8.35.59 PMWith any litter, and four little legs and paws, you will get some tracking. However, it is very minimal with this litter. I trialled it with two litter boxes, group 1 contains 4 desexed ferrets, and group 2, one intact male. My ferrets are raw fed as well, and as such may be less smelly when compared to a kibble fed ferret. Overall this litter really held up to multiple ferret poop/pee. Urine absorption was excellent. Odour absorption was okay. Held out really well, did not break apart, crumble or cake. Even with a lot of urine from all 4 ferrets concentrated to one small corner of the box, it still wasn’t overly wet or crumbling. They didn’t get stuck to the litter box either, which is another thing I am most impressed about.

In conclusion, this is a great litter, but you will find with more ferrets you will have more odour. The odour control is more in regards to the urine rather than the stools. As long as you feed a good diet, odours can be kept to a minimal which is excellent. Less ferrets per box, and/or scooping litter daily to every few days at best will also help to minimize any odours. As an alternative to Breeders Choice, yes I would recommend it, especially if Breeders Choice is not on sale. It’s similar, very similar with a few obvious and distinctive differences, however considering the costs and availability, this makes a good alternative if you really need an environmentally friendly option.

For more information or to purchase this litter please click here.

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