One-on-One Ferret Diet Guidance

For information on our capacity limit, waiting list and whether or not Intake are open, please check out our Facebook Group, The Natural Ferret.

What is TNF Nutrition Class?
It’s a secret side group to The Natural Ferret, Run by TNF Admin & Nutrition Coaches in order to help our members, one on one, to safely switch their ferret diets.

Our coaches are amazing volunteers here to help coach you through basic nutrition lessons and help you as individuals as well as an entire group to transition your ferrets to a raw or species appropriate diet. Not only that, but we can help assist ANYONE, with ANY DIET, to safely switch a diet-not centered on raw diets, or even simply to help you with finding the right diet for you and your ferrets. Kibble, Air Dried Raw, Freeze Dried Raw, Commercial Raw, Grinds, Home Made Raw…. We will help you with what ever you need help with, while educating you at your own pace on proper ferret nutrition.

This group is not one anyone can join. We only take a limited amount of people at any given time, so there may be a waiting list and after graduation you will be removed from the group in order for more to come in. This keeps the group small, less overwhelming and an easier teaching / learning environment.

Before your entry to this group, we will need you fill out a form. This form will be pasted to your transition or / diet post { Made by our admin } within the TNF Nutrition Class group. Only admin/coaches can make actual “posts” within the group at this current time, however you as students are free and welcome to comment to your posts. Please do not post or comment to someone elses transition post — UNLESS it’s your own, OR it is a public lesson (Admin/Coaches will state so in the post). Any questions/concerns, message an admin/coach and we will assist you however we can.

Send an admin with the following information if you wish to be placed on our waiting list. At this current time we can only take 5 students at a time into our Nutrition Class. Those who have special needs ferrets may be bumped as priority cases, especially if the ferret is having ongoing veterinary treatment and urgently requires a good diet as a nutritional support.

NAME: (your name)
AGE: (your age)
LOCATION: (Country/General Location.)
# of Ferrets: (How many ferrets do you own, how many of which will we be helping?)
AVAILABILITY: (Can you get online and check in daily, or do you need to do so by schedule?)

Are you committed to this transition? (It may be a lengthy process.)
On the chances that you need to be away, will you let your Coach(s) know in advance?

Please fill out an individual form per ferret using the template listed below:
FERRET NAME: (What do we call this ferret?)
GENDER: (Include if altered/intact)
AGE: (How old is the ferret?)
WEIGHT: (If Known, or approximate)
HEALTH: (If ferret has any health conditions we should know about.)
MED/SUPP: (If ferret is on medication or supplements of any sort.)
ENERGY: (What is there current energy like?)
STOOLS: (How are their current stools/feces like?)
CURRENT DIET: (Include how long they have been on the diet, if known.)
DIET OF INTEREST: (What will we be helping this ferret with?)
(Provide us any other relevant info and include images to show overall body of this particular ferret)

By filling out this application, and sending it to a TNF Admin (Machan Amari, Morgan Brown) or by publicly posting application below to this document, you agree to The Natural Ferret’s disclaimer in full.

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