Ferret Name: Murphy
Birthdate: 4th November 2015
Gender: Male
Coat Colour: cinnamon/sable


He LOVES playing with my German Shepard

Favourite Toys:


Favourite Foods:


Back Story:

Mr Murphy was left at my front gate with his mummy and his 10 brothers and sisters. On the 5th of November 2015 my dog was going absolutely ballistic barking, I was up at my grandparents house, so I ran home to see what he was barking at.

IMG_0188When I got home I found a box with holes in the sides but it was all taped up. I took it inside and heard rustling. Opened it up and looking at me was a gorgeous (but very skinny) Mumma, and her 10 pink little meepers!!

Cut a long story short! One day when they where 4 weeks old I walked out to find one of the bubs gasping for breath, gave him cpr for 45 mins and he passed in my hands. That arvo another boy started doing it, he last 12 hours before he passed. The next morning a little girl was doing it, so shipped them all to the vet to find out why! Turns out all 10 had rickets, the 3 that passed had what the vet called flat chests (their chests didn’t form enough to give their lungs room).

Murphy was the runt, he was starting to look like he was the next to go, the vet told me to add calcium to their diet and swim them, so I did, I held Murphy every night hoping he would pull through, he couldn’t move, couldn’t get to the food dish, if he was on his back he couldn’t roll over, it was terrifying to see. But I wasn’t giving up hope, each day he got better and better, lots of tears where shed, then can the happy tears and screaming to his daddy “oh my god Murphy is walking!” And “look look Murphy is swimming on his own!!” He still couldn’t climb or play BUT he was moving around. Then came the playing and RUNNING!

The day I walked out and saw him in a hammock that he would have had to climb to get into was the happiest day of my life. I sat for HOURS waiting to see how he did it, I cried, called their grandma (my mum) called their daddy. And from that day forward there was no stopping him!!!

Today he’s almost 2, and other then his “seal” legs, he’s a perfectly healthy happy baby!!!

This wonderful real life story was shared to TNF by Sarah.R.
Thank you for sharing!

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