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Ferret Name: Samus
Birthdate: April 2nd 2011
Gender: Female
Coat Colour: Sable Mask
Eye Colour: brown/green


She loves chewing on Velcro.
She is also a Runt.

Favourite Toys:

Her bed lol.

Favourite Foods:

Duck sticks.


Back Story:

I met her when I first came over to my boyfriends house, he had her for about 5 years already. I had always wanted a ferret but my parents always said “No they stink”.  (let me now tell you they do not, they have their own special scent<3)

As soon as I laid eyes on her I fell in love!

10432462_1293938047299857_1239954815892524649_nThe best moment was when my boyfriend saw how I interacted with her and how much I just loved her, he knew at that moment that I was the one for him.

We have been together now for 4 years and she is still with us kicking strong! She is the one that has always brought great memories between us and kept such a strong bond between my boyfriend and I. She is very special to us ❤




This wonderful real life story was shared to TNF by Julie.M.
Thank you for sharing!

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