Paddy & Murphy




Ferret(s) Name: Paddy & Murphy
Birthdate: 18th April 2011
Gender: Male, Brothers
Coat Colour: Polecat
Eye Colour: Black



Murphy: Slept with his tongue stickling out, and snored
Paddy: Would steal my underwear from the clotheshorse.

Favourite Toys:

Both were obsessed with plastic carrier bags, crisp packets and sponges.

Favourite Foods:

Murphy loved peanut butter.
Paddy often stole mango juice from my cup.


Back Story:

My two boys were from a Ferret rescue centre in Fife. They were handed in after their family moved away and couldn’t take them along. They were 18 months when I got them and drove from Aberdeen to pick them up.

They tested the boundaries at first and I’ve got a few scars to prove it.
But they settled in and became my world.


Why are they so special to you?:

I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety, and take daily medication.

I found that the company of my boys made a huge difference to how I felt and how I coped with day to day activities…They were one of the very few things able to still make me laugh. I’ve never seen anyone so happy to just have a plastic bag, or kitchen sponge.

It wasn’t unusual to find pieces of sausage stashed behind the sofa, or a rubber glove under the bed…Paddy took great delight in running around the house carrying my pants, especially when I had guests.

We often went out to the park to make new friends, and play in the leaves. Snow was good fun. The boys had their own wendy house (not just any old shed)…and it had their beds, hammocks, toy boxes, sand pits and tunnels that ran round all the walls etc

Murphy developed a lump on his face last year that required surgery…expensive surgery! Paddy then started to lose the hair on his tail, and became skinnier over time. His tail became completely bald and it started on his legs. But the vet diagnosed them with Adrenal Gland Disease and that I would have to decide when it “was time”…as treatment for them both would be expensive, my partner had been made redundant, and I was still paying off Murphy’s surgery from 6 months before.

About 4 months later, in February this year, I bathed them one day and it became clear just how skinny Paddy had become…and I found multiple tumours around Murphy’s neck.

It was time…So the two of them went off to heaven together, which made it easier…It would have been awful had one been left behind. They went peacefully at the vets, and we had them cremated, which we then sprinkled at the park.


Anything else?

We had decided against getting more ferrets, however it became clear just how much impact they had on me. I wasn’t myself anymore…I went back to struggling with daily activities and had no laughter to boost me when I came home from work.

unnamed (1)


I then came across a woman locally, who had an accidental litter…and I had to have one. So I brought little Luna home at 8 weeks old, and she has brightened my world. She comes along to work with me and she’s a bundle of total joy.



This wonderful real life story was shared to TNF by Kelsey.A.
Thank you for sharing!

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