18740775_10209903076068735_9184220069871623913_nFerret Name: Nipple
Birthdate: Sept 12, 2012
Gender: Female
Coat Colour: Sable
Eye Colour: Black



She’s a loner, an alpha, sticks to my side and sleeps in my bed by my legs. She also scratches and bites my feet!


Favourite Toys:

My feet!

Favourite Foods:

Her wysong and orijen kibble and pickle juice. Recently she’s just taken to soups!


Nipple is on the Right.

Back Story:

I bought her on a whim. I came back from my psychiatrist appointment, feeling really down but wanted to cheer myself up. I decided I wanted another ferret after 4 years without them. I went to a pet store and she was the only one. She was tiny and had an attitude. I knew she was what I wanted. She was nippy when I brought her home, especially my feet. The people at the pet store said she knew she was special and was happy I, a previous ferret owner, was taking her home.


Why is she so special to you?

She sticks to my side more than being with the other ferrets. She sleeps with me frequently. She always wants me to play with her and scratches and bites my feet. She is sweet, yet naughty in her sneaky behavior. I have a special bond with her that I don’t have with the others.

Anything else?

I wanted to name her Nipsy because she was so nippy at my feet but I thought Nipple was funnier!

This wonderful real life story was shared to TNF by Julie.A.
Thank you for sharing!

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