No Go’s For Live Prey

These should never be used for live prey. Rats, Squirrels, larger prey items in general. Guinea pigs maybe, but mainly due to their tough necks making it more difficult for ferrets to swiftly dispatch. They make great frozen thawed or freshly dispatched foods though providing they are from reputable sources and/or have been frozen to kill parasites and whatnot. The reason why rats (and other larger prey) are not suitable for live prey is due to the fact that they are very capable of defending themselves and are fully capable of inflicting real damage when threatened or cornered. Rats in particular are omnivores and have been known to hunt, kill and eat mice. Never ever use rats, especially adult rats, or other large prey for live feeding. Mice are the recommended species for live prey as they are the easiest for ferrets to dispatch, especially those learning to hunt for the first time.

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