Dispatching Prey

Importance of knowing how to humanely dispatch prey animals.

If the ferret owner does not know how to dispatch the animal in chances that the ferret does a dodgy kill then the [live] prey animal may be put under unnecessary suffering.

Freshly dispatched and bagged young rats and mice.

As the one in charge, you must be knowledgeable in dispatching animals and must be able to do so efficiently and humanely otherwise this too, can clash with potential animal cruelty laws.

You as the owner, are responsible for the lives involved when it comes to live feeding. Not just your ferret, but the lives you allow the ferret to hunt as well.



Recommended method for a fast dispatch:

For live feeders, This is the recommended dispatch method which can be easily done at home in the odd chance that the ferret makes a dodgy kill. You should look into it, study it and use it wherever needed according to your better judgement.

  • Cervical Dislocation: A common physical method for euthanasia of small animals by applying pressure to the neck and dislocating the spinal column from the skull or brain. The aim is to quickly separate the spinal cord from the brain so as to provide the animal with a fast and painless death. The University of Iowa and some veterinary associations, consider the technique as an ethically accepted method for terminating the life of small rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels, etc.
There will be times where you will be required to put your personal emotions to the side as emotions will often cloud rational judgement when it comes to being able make the decision regarding the animals life and know when to dispatch a dodgy kill. If you’re upset or cannot handle the moment, then the animal will suffer more than it should. Respect the animal and do the right thing by dispatching it swiftly if and when needed. If you feel you cannot go through with this, or do not have the stomach for potential dodgy kills, then please do not ever attempt live feeding for the sake of all involved. This is the only ethical thing you can do. YOU need to be emotionally willing to go through with it.



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