Wholeprey Main Diet

Feeding a diet consisting of wholeprey can be done easily providing there are a minimum of 3 proteins being used. Example, Rats, Quail, & Rabbit which are fed within the week. This would be an acceptable wholeprey diet for ferrets.
For those who don’t quite understand what it means when raw feeders say “Proteins” we basically mean protein = species. Feeding multiple proteins = feeding multiple animal species.
Having variety of different proteins in the diet allows for more variety in regards to nutrients being available for the ferrets body to make use of. If the ferret is lacking variety, there is more risk for undesirable deficiencies.
Unless you’re a breeder [of prey animals] or can afford wholeprey in the long term, then this is the best and most ideal diet. For the average ferret owner, it may be considered a bit pricey to feed a diet consisting entirely of wholeprey.
Feed what ever wholeprey you can providing that the diet your ferret is currently on is balanced.
For more info on feeding wholeprey, please see our other files. 🙂

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