Introduction to Wholeprey

16508463_757136507801235_5584288959164818621_n.jpgUnfortunately there seems to be a lot of hush hush when it comes to the wholeprey subject. I have seen this in many groups, especially those that don’t particularly focus on nutrition or diet for ferrets. It is truly upsetting to witness people avoiding or even causing issues when it comes to this subject.


I do wish people would be more open and respectful to the ferret for what it is, a natural born carnivore rather than get upset over seeing a carnivore consuming the food that it was biologically designed to be consuming.

Screenshot 2017-04-08 at 5.19.48 PM

This is my European Polecat Skull. Look at the overall structure of it, from the teeth, to the jaws. This animal was built for consuming a wholeprey diet.

Wholeprey is a term that basically refers to “whole animals ” used for feeding the ferret. Some, not all raw feeders, will venture into the world of whole prey. Some kibble feeders may also incorporate wholeprey into their ferrets diet as the odd treat, or as a weekly meal. Whole prey is a little more daunting to some due to the fact the animals are whole, face, fur, skin, feet, wings, organs, muscles and bones, everything is there. It can take some time to really let that sink in and come to acceptance that ferrets, can hunt, can kill, can and if allowed or taught to, does eat whole animals.

Polecats, their ancestors, did hunt whole animals. Many species in the same family, hunt, kill and eat whole animals.That is the way of life for them and taking that into consideration, feeding wholeprey to the ferret will come with amazing benefits. If wholeprey is within your price range and power, do consider feeding it to your ferret. Even if it is occasional, rather than part of their main diet, you will notice the difference a bit of fresh food can make to your ferret.

Wholeprey can be any of the following :

  • Live Prey: animals fed alive. The ferret dispatches its food naturally.
  • F/T Prey: Frozen/Thawed whole animals. These have been dispatched already and pre-frozen. They may need to be thawed beforehand or fed frozen to the ferret.
  • F/D Prey: Fresh/Dispatched whole animals. These are freshly dispatched before feeding to ferrets. More common for those who breed and can can cleanly and humanely dispatch an animal prior to feeding it to ferret. This could be considered a humane alternative to Live Prey feeding for those who cannot, will not or don’t feel comfortable doing live prey.

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